Radio Silence’s READY OR NOT Could Be GET OUT For Video Gamers

Or it could just be stupid AF.

The brilliance of Jordan Peele's Get Out is pretty basic when you boil it down to moving parts: it's about a character (in this case, a black man) entering an arena (rich white America) where his kind have not been historically welcome. With a solid combo of laughs and scares (not to mention a fuckload of subversion), Peele's film becomes a near perfect motion picture. 

Ready or Not - the new movie from directors Tyler Gillett and Matt Bettinelli-Olpin (of the filmmaking collective Radio Silence) - seems to be taking a similar route. Only, in this case, it's a woman entering a wealthy clan of video game designers/players; a subculture not really known for their gentle, loving appreciation of her sex. To the surprise of no one, the bride to be is not ushered in with open arms, but rather thrown into a bizarre game of hide and go seek. 

To be frank, Ready or Not is going to go one of two ways. It's either going to embrace the satirical potential of that threadbare premise, or is going to indulge in the very misogyny that pervades gamer culture in an empty-headed attempt at crafting a "high concept" thriller. The difference is going to depend on the script (obviously), which was penned by Guy Busick and Ryan Murphy (no, not that one). No release date is eyed as of yet, but Fox Searchlight has set production to start in Spring '18. Let's hope for the satire here.