Side-By-Side Footage Shows THE ROOM And THE DISASTER ARTIST Are Nearly Identical

This is seriously impressive.

At long last, James Franco's The Disaster Artist will start rolling out in theaters this weekend, and the hype has reached dizzying levels: the marketing campaign worked like gangbusters, festival reviews have been almost universally positive, and now - as our prolonged death march through 2017 comes to an end - Oscar prognosticators are already suggesting The Disaster Artist may find itself nominated in a few different categories. Our bodies are ready.

Anyway, the footage below just surfaced online, and provides a seriously impressive, side-by-side comparison of original footage from The Room with recreated footage from The Disaster Artist (our own Jacob Knight tells me this clip actually plays during the film's end credits, and would be better experienced right after viewing the film, but we'll let you decide if you need to see it in context or not).

Check it out, or don't. Your call.

Pretty great, right?

The Disaster Artist opens in limited release on December 1st. You gonna show up for it or what?