David Goyer Has The Power! (And Is Probably Directing A New He-Man Movie)

The illustrated man is now potentially helming MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE.

David Goyer must have the greatest fucking agent of all time. How he keeps getting high-profile gig after high-profile gig is kind of baffling, considering his scripts are usually just derivative nonsense. But I guess this is what happens when you've had a finger in the lucrative franchise pie since the days of Blade ('98). 

Now, Goyer is in talks to direct a brand new take on Masters of the Universe (as his latest draft was reportedly loved by Sony). He'd be replacing McG (who recently exited the project) and, having just watched Blade: Trinity the other day, I legitimately can't tell you if this is an improvement or not (wait - I just remembered this year's The Babysitter - definitely an improvement). 

VHS nerds can tell you about the last time Masters of the Universe was adapted into a live-action film. Cannon brought us the '87 Dolph Lundgren atrocity that also co-starred Frank Langella as Skeletor. I know there will be some of you who are quick to fill the comments with "actually, Masters is pretty fun" but no, you'd be incorrect. 

Sony will be releasing the Mattel Toys picture on  December 18, 2019, one assumes with or without a director.