James Franco Will Direct And Star In A Shel Silverstein Biopic

The author of WHERE THE SIDEWALK ENDS and THE GIVING TREE is getting his own movie.

According to Variety, newly-celebrated director James Franco (this weekend's The Disaster Artist) is making another biopic, this one based on the life of children's book author Shel Silverstein (Where The Sidewalk Ends, The Giving Tree).

Here's how they're describing the project:

"Silverstein was also a poet, singer, songwriter, and screenwriter. His work was translated into more then 30 languages and sold over 20 million copies. The film will focus not only on his struggles professionally, but personally as well, and trace how he became the iconic author he is today."

The as-yet-untitled film, based on Lisa Rogak’s book A Boy Named Shel, will be written by Chris Shafer and Paul Vicknair, and I'll be stunned if it doesn't include animated sequences based on Silverstein's singular artistic style. 

Anyone read A Boy Named Shel? My knowledge of the man is limited almost entirely to my childhood memories of his books, so I'm not sure how meaty I should expect this particular biopic to be. Fill me in in the comments section below.