Netflix Officially Greenlights STRANGER THINGS Season Three

We all knew it was coming.

In what may be the least-surprising announcement of the year, Netflix has made it official: the Duffer Brothers' Stranger Things is getting a third season. The entire main cast (read: everyone who wasn't killed last season) is expected to return, while the Duffers will again write and direct.

There's literally nothing else to report at this time (we don't know what Stranger Things S3 will be about, what timeframe it might take place within, when it might start filming or when it'll hit Netflix), so let's instead take this opportunity to share our opinions on S2.

Here, I'll start: hello, it me, the guy who loved Stranger Things S1 but was largely bored by the events of Stranger Things S2. Agree with me or call me crazy in the comments below, and stay tuned for more on Stranger Things S3 as it becomes available.