See The Trailer For Cole Hauser’s Latest Thrill Ride ACTS OF VIOLENCE

Co-starring Bruce Willis!

We don't talk enough about the cinematic contributions of Cole Hauser. Son of legendary onscreen maniac Wings Hauser (who won an Academy Award for his turn as psycho pimp Ramrod in Gary Sherman's Vice Squad ['82]), Cole's brought a genuine intensity to every picture he's ever appeared in - from his franchise slumming in 2 Fast 2 Furious ('03) to the immortal classic (and Celebrity Civil Rights milestone) Paparazzi ('04). The man is a God, and when the book is written, the people will know his name. 

Now, Hauser is starring in Acts of Violence, the latest from Redbox auteur Brett Donowho (5 Souls ['13]), who also cast Bruce Willis as his sidekick. The plot revolves around human trafficking in Ohio, and after Hauser's god-daughter is abducted by Mike Epps' syndicate leader, Cole springs into action.

Take a look:

While Willis continues to sleepwalk through his DTV output, Hauser is injecting life and vigor into these cheap thrills. Also featuring Shawn Ashmore, Sean Brosnan, and Sophia Bush, it'll be great to see the living embodiment of pure masculinity elevate a rather foppish cast to new heights. 

You'll be able to rent Acts of Violence from your local 7-Eleven sometime in early 2018. Don't miss it.