Tarantino’s 1969 Movie Arrives On The 50th Anniversary Of The Sharon Tate Murders

That's a bold marketing strategy.

According to Variety, Sony and Quentin Tarantino have landed on a release date for Tarantino's As Yet Untitled Manson Family / 1969 Movie - August 9th, 2019.

If you're a Charles Manson scholar, you might notice that August 9th is the 50th anniversary of the murders at 10050 Cielo Drive, which occurred late on the evening of the 8th and into the morning of the 9th of August, 1969. This is the very same attack that claimed the life of Sharon Tate, who will reportedly appear as a character (allegedly to be played by Margot Robbie) in Tarantino's ninth film. That's either an amazing coincidence or a very dark marketing strategy.

Production begins on Quentin Tarantino's As Yet Untitled Manson Family / 1969 Movie next year. We'll see it the following August. 

(Note: Header photo used with permission via Flickr)