Bond Talk After Dark: We’re Still Talking About Chris Nolan on BOND 25?

Sigh. Okay.

The lovely folks at Thrillist asked me to re-rank the Bond films, so I did! If ranking them in the first place was a struggle (it was), re-ranking was a revelatory one. This time out I just KNEW where certain movies had shifted in my estimation, and this list was much more instinctual than last year’s. The top and bottoms remain largely unchanged, but some of the middle entries moved around in all manner of surprising ways. I’ve gotten really soft on Roger Moore! Anyway, these will probably change again in six months, but give it a look.


Speaking of Sir Roger, earlier this year I shared a look at his out-of-print production diary from Live and Let Die. It remains the most-shared article I’ve ever written on the Bond franchise, was picked up by several other outlets, and shortly after the article was published used copies of the book were being offered for several thousand dollars on Amazon and Ebay. So when I saw the news that the book is being re-released next year - well, I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that BMD had something to do with this turn of events. You’re welcome, world.


The “Christopher Nolan Is Directing The Next Bond” rumor is a tradition dating back five years or so. This weekend it gained some heat from a fan site that claims Nolan is actually already working on Bond 25 (similar to how Mendes was in development on Skyfall months before the official announcement of his hiring).

Courtesy Google Translate:

The name of Nolan has been recurrent in the bets for his recognized admiration for the Bond series and tabloids tend to relate him to Bond every time he appears in public, as in the premiere of his latest film.

However, on this occasion, TWO different sources, one from the United States and the other from the United Kingdom, tell us that Nolan will be the director and that he is already working on the film. These solid sources foresee that the official announcement can be made in January or February 2018 .

This might shock you to learn this about me, but I don’t buy it, mostly because in the off chance Eon convinces Nolan to direct one, it’s not going to be in service of cleanup duty at the end of Daniel Craig’s 13-year run. Anything is possible, I guess, but wouldn’t Nolan, having gotten the action hero franchise itch out of his system a decade ago, prefer making singular, original works like Interstellar and Dunkirk? Didn’t Nolan only recently say he’d only want to do it if he felt “needed”, i.e., if they called on him for a reinvention?  Hasn’t Craig been saying “I want to have some fun” since 2012? Mhm.

If we’re going to be subjected to this tradition every time, so too must y’all put up with the shade I will invariably throw at the prospect. Let’s imagine a Nolan directed Bond film:

  • The gunbarrel sequence is at the beginning of the film, but is shot practically;
  • No title sequence, so no pre-title sequence. It just starts and runs for 140 minutes;
  • The James Bond theme is replaced by a Hans Zimmer-provided atonal drone. Fans will write 3000-word pieces on why this is a good thing;
  • Bond’s love interest will be played by one of the most respected actresses of her generation. However, she will be dead at the start of the film and seen only in flashbacks. Bond is celibate for the duration of the film;
  • Whether he’s playing 007 or a villain, Tom Hardy WILL be in the film, and his perfect mouth will be obscured;
  • Michael Caine. Crying.

Maybe Bond 26. Fingers crossed, if you’re into all that.