This looks fucking great.

I know not everyone out there is as in the bag for Scott Adkins, but dammit, you should be. The guy is an incredible physical performer and - in films that presents him with proper elements to play - is a great actor as well. More than any action star currently working on the scene, Adkins is the guy pushing DTV action forward, and you shouldn’t be missing it.

Of all the movies he has on the horizon, Accident Man is the one I’ve been looking forward to most, if only because it was co-written by Adkins himself and was directed by Savage Dog’s incredible (and incredibly gore-friendly) Jesse V. Johnson. But now that I’ve seen the following trailer, there are so many more reasons to get excited for this one:

Hell yes. Scott Adkins doing action comedy based on a comic book; I am here for it. My man’s going up against six cartoonish fellow assassins and one of them is played by Michael Jai White. On top of all that, Adkins gets to keep his natural, charming accent. He even used the word “Wankers”. I’m in heaven.

Accident Man hits home video February 6. Be there.