David Ehrlich’s Top 25 Countdown Of ‘17 Delivers A Perfect Day

Did your favorites make the cut?

Every year, Indiewire's Senior Critic David Ehrlich releases a Top 25 video countdown of the best films he's seen during that calender period, and they're always rather stunning pieces of work; the rhythmic enthusiasm of a film aficionado madly in love with motion pictures. While the rest of us are content to simply write our lists down for you to read, Ehrlich finds visual motifs and themes that ran through each year's crop of cinema, setting them to needle drops that are truly wonderful. 

His 2017 list is no different, and (in usual Ehrlich fashion) contains quite a few selections that you probably saw coming, with some art house fare that more than likely flew in under the radar. But that's the beauty of his videos: they can double as "must see" lists just as easily as they act as works of quantitative criticism. 

Take a look at 2017's Countdown here: 

As Ehrlich himself points out in an introductory note attached to his latest thirteen-minute A/V feast, '17 was a very dark year, often leading those to wonder what the world would look like even two hours after the auditorium lights went down. But the fact that he consistently finds the beauty in cinema is a talent to be celebrated. We may live in troubling times, but art is always there to comfort us. We should take more time to recognize and savor that notion.