Hoth Couture: Dress For Winter In These EMPIRE STRIKES BACK-Inspired Coats

TL:DR: There's no "Tauntaun Carcass" option. Yet.

It’s wintertime, cosplay is bigger than ever, and it’s just a bad look in 2017 to be selling a Slave Leia outfit. All these things surely factor into the Columbia Sportswear Company's creation of The Echo Base Collection, a trio of cold-weather jackets inspired by the Hoth-worn fashions seen in The Empire Strikes Back. Let's take a look!

First we have the Luke Skywalker Echo Base Jacket, water-resistant and boasting Columbia's Omni-Heat™ Reflective insulation:

The Han Solo Echo Base Parka is made of the same material, and adds a faux-fur-lined hood: 

For fans of Princess Leia's winter fashions, there’s the Leia Organa Echo Base Jacket:

Each jacket is limited to 1,980 pieces (get it??), and will be on sale starting December 8th. Word is they'll sell (out) for $400 each.

Listen, I might have chased down an item or two of clothing from a Bond film in my day. I get it. No shade here. What I’m not as on board with is Columbia (a brand whose socks I quite enjoy, no lie) slapping their names all over these winter coats. Y’all know you’d have moved three times the units if you went screen accurate, right? That’s some brass ones right there.

On that note, Columbia recognizes that Solo's coat was only blue on the action figure. Fear not: the Columbia Archive Edition of the Han Solo Parka is the screen-accurate brown color, with a screen-inaccurate Harrison Ford signature on the front. This one will go for $1980.