HOUSE OF CARDS To Resume Production In 2018 (Now With 100% Less Kevin Spacey)

The sixth and final season will happen, minus its former star.

According to Entertainment Weekly...

"Netflix has announced that production will resume on the sixth and final season of (House Of Cards) in early 2018. The eight-episode season will star Robin Wright but not embattled actor Kevin Spacey, who has been accused of multiple counts of sexual harassment and assault in the last few months."

Apparently, the fifth season finale of House Of Cards found Spacey's Frank Underwood imprisoned and awaiting a pardon from Wright's Claire Underwood. Moving ahead with Penn in the lead indicates that pardon is unlikely to arrive, and seems like a perfectly good narrative reason to keep Spacey out of the picture going forward. EW says the show's sixth season was two weeks into production when Netflix brought things to a halt, but it's unclear if any of that footage might be used for whatever showrunners now have planned for the series.

This is good news for fans of the show (and especially for fans of Robin Wright), but it's also great news for the gigantic cast and crew whose livelihoods were impacted by Spacey's monstrous behavior. Surely those folks are breathing a big sigh of relief today.

Stay tuned for more on House Of Cards as it becomes available.