SNL’s Girl Group Broke Out A Great New Video This Weekend

(Actually, they’re not a girl group. They just travel in a pack for safety.)

Only time will tell, but it seems a safe bet to predict that this era of SNL will be known for the strong women in the cast. Every time these women get together, you know it’s going to be comedic gold, but this time they also added a great guest host. Good on you, Saoirse Ronan, for being a part of one of the season's better episodes. The most crucial talent a host can have at SNL is being a good sport, and Ronan may be one of the best damn sports around.

Sure, they have given us “Feminist Song” in the past, but that was more a commentary on the minefield of navigating feminism and the definition of what feminism even is. With “Welcome to Hell”, they’re talking right to the men of America, with a little sarcastic perspective for them. Sorry House of Cards got ruined, but we’ve been afraid in every parking ramp we’ve ever been in. (And, NOTHING good happens in a van.)

This is where SNL has shined in recent years: these girl group songs that are silly and full of floating popsicles and clouds but with a sharp political bite and wokeness for days. Between this episode and the Tiffany Haddish gem, I think SNL is getting their footing back. Welcome to Hell, everyone!