Sounds Like Disney’s Giving Rian Johnson Plenty Of Wiggle Room For This New STAR WARS Trilogy

We're all for it.

When Disney announced that Star Wars: The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson was sticking around to help usher in an all-new Star Wars trilogy (this one completely separate from the storylines and characters established across the Skywalker saga), we rejoiced: finally, Star Wars movies that'd be neither prequel nor sequel. It's what Star Wars grumps like me have spent years begging for.

And, y'know, from the sound of this new Rian Johnson interview, it seems like Disney's eager to explore other corners of that galaxy far, far away, as well. Speaking to The Playlist, Johnson says:

“I mean honestly, (the new trilogy) came from getting toward the end of this film, end of the process. I mean, it kind of felt like the last week of senior year. We were all packing up our desks, cleaning out our lockers and we’d had such a good experience.  Not just with this movie, but with (Kathleen) Kennedy and with the folks at Disney, Bob Iger, Alan Horn. We just had a really good collaborative relationship with everybody and we all were just kind of looking at each other and saying, ‘How do we keep working together?’ And so that was when I said, ‘The most interesting thing to me would be new trilogy. A new story told over three movies. To go a new place, new characters, clean slate. Let’s come up with something new.’ And there was nothing that seemed more exciting to me, and they were really excited about it.”

Asked if he has any further details to share - plot points, character names, anything - Johnson reveals that he's still sorting all that out:

“No, I have just kind of vague ideas, but my entire pitch was, ‘Let’s tell a new story.’ Let’s clear the sandbox and then jump in and start playing.” 

Again, as someone who's longed to see filmmakers like Johnson truly set loose within the Star Wars franchise, this is music to my ears. Let's see what else is going on out there, far away from the Death Star and Luke Skywalker and the Millenium Falcon (side note: my pitch for a Star Wars movie is an anthology film set within either Jabba's palace or the Mos Eisley cantina. Give four great filmmakers 25 minutes apiece to do whatever they want inside either location and see what happens). 

We're hyped for The Last Jedi, but may be even more hyped for Johnson's new trilogy. Where do you folks stand on all this?