Teaser For HBO’s BARRY Introduces You To Bill Hader’s Hitman/Actor

He may not be cut out for either line of work.

Though its a teaser in the truest sense (providing less than a full minute of actual footage cut together), it still seems worth it to bring y'all the first spot for HBO's Barry - a series starring Bill Hader as a Midwest hitman who's also an aspiring actor in LA. 

While there's not a ton in terms of plot revealed here, the irreverent mixture of violent undertones and goofy humor (with a final scene that's pure bumbling Hader gold) is a nice indicator as to what the network's rolling out with their latest original show. 

Take a look: 

Silicon Valley executive producer Alec Berg is co-writing the series with Hader, who is also producing as well as directing certain episodes. Barry also stars Henry Winkler, Stephen Root, and Sarah Goldberg, bringing together a comedic ensemble that should play well with Hader's lead killer.

HBO will release Barry in Spring 2018. While its tough to tell how good this will utlimately be, more Hader in our lives (especially in a starring role) is always a good thing.