Tokyo Comic-Con’s PACIFIC RIM: UPRISING Reel Is Packed With Colorful Kaiju Action

Oh, and Scott Eastwood is somehow allowed to speak as well.

Pacific Rim: Uprising is a movie that's definitely still coming out next year (in three months!), and Tokyo Comic-Con just showed off a BTS reel that lets the movie's stars (John Boyega, Rinko Kikuchi and Scott "Bland AF" Eastwood) tell you why they're so excited to become Jaeger pilots and cancel the apocalypse once again. Steven DeKnight is also prominently featured in shots of him directing, just to remind us all that Guillermo del Toro is, in fact, not.

Take a look: 

There's something chintzy yet charming about the bright colorful sheen on display here, causing Pacific Rim: Uprising to (at least in this spot) look like Starship Troopers meets the Toho version of the monster-infested universe GDT first introduced us to in '13. As long as Eastwood is mauled by some sort of two-headed Hellbeast during the first reel, I guarantee three stars at the minimum. 

Pacific Rim: Uprising hits theaters March 23, 2018.