New Teaser For TOM CLANCY’S JACK RYAN Introduces The Analyst

How's he doing?

Admission: I've read every one of Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan novels. Growing up, my dad used to buy them as soon as they came out, and then I'd yoink them off the shelf and devour every page of these overly long, weird white dude power fantasies, marveling at the fact that a guy could describe a single gun for like three pages. 

The Ryan character was never supposed to be an action hero. In fact, he was always kind of a dweeb; a CIA analyst who's frequently referred to as a "Boy Scout", whose involvement in these multiple acts of international terrorism and espionage really only occured when he found himself in "wrong place/wrong time" scenarios. His numerous cinematic iterations have ranged from near perfect (Harrison Ford in Patriot Games/Clear and Present Danger) to baffling (Chris Pine in Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit). Ben Affleck also played him, but was slimmer then, so we never got Fat Ryan. 

Now comes John Krasinski's turn at bat as the American wonder, and Amazon's series take on Ryan seems to be more of an origin story than anything else, based on the first few looks we've gotten. The newest teaser even has the young Agency operative jokingly asking a suspect for critique. Take a look:

Look, I like Krasinski's attempts at transforming himself into an action hero (13 Hours is great you monsters), and the notion of re-introducing Ryan as this fresh-faced nobody is a great one. Will Amazon's series take on Clancy's greatest invention be any good? Possibly. But the fact that there's no Mr. Clark listed on the show's IMDB page is already setting this Clancy fanboy's alarms off. 

We'll just have to see when Amazon releases Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan in 2018.