SUPERGIRL Review 3.09 “Reign”

Terrible advice, Alex.

This post contains spoilers for Supergirl.
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There’s always angst on the CW. Painful drama is practically the cornerstone of the network, and it remains prevalent in even the most uplifting of shows. Supergirl has had to find a balance between pain and hope in its third season, and by and large it’s been successful. That said, National City is about to experience a whole lot more angst. The devastation that Kara is about to go through is different than the pain she experienced when she lost Mon El in more ways than one. Most importantly, though, it will be a better story.

Tying Kara’s humanity to Mon-El was one of the biggest mistakes the Supergirl writers have made in the show’s tenure, but the route they’ve taken with him in season three has gone a long way to fix the issues. The story is being handled in a way that (hopefully) ensures she’ll never let herself get that lost again, and it lets Mon-El get out of the way for the devastation that will come with Reign.

The angst on these shows often relies on romantic drama. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house when Maggie and Alex had to split up, but things are about to move away from romantic drama and show what it’s like when sisterhood is at stake. Lena, Kara and Sam built a quick friendship, and “Reign” made sure to take a few moments to dig into just how much that friendship means to the three women. That friendship is going to be put to the test throughout the rest of the year, whether it be when the girls discover Sam’s past, or when Lena finally discovers that Kara and Supergirl are the same person.

Before we can get to all that, Kara’s got to get her ass kicked! It’s the midseason finale, after all. You can’t have a midseason finale without your brave hero getting the ever loving hell beat out of them. “Reign” is extra special because they do that ass kicking to “Rockin’ around the Christmas Tree”. You know, whimsy! The two women acknowledge the dichotomy between their origins before they start bashing around, but Kara ultimately loses in a very big way.

It had been the hope that Kara missing her humanity would only last until the midseason, but that seems to not be the case. In fact, her lack of humanity was only reinforced by Alex delivering the worst advice in the history of the show. It’s rare to see Kryptonian wrath, and it’s only functional when there’s passion fueling it. “Cold” isn’t an emotion that Kara or Clark excel in, and telling one of them not to feel before sending them into a fight is a surefire way to ensure they get their butts handed to them.

Reign nearly beats Kara to death, dropping her to die in the streets in front of the very people she sets out to protect. The scene is small, but in an age where the real life heroes can be hard to see it’s more difficult than ever to watch our heroes fall. When we return in January we’ll see Kara in her own head, trying to force herself to wake up and fight. Hopefully in that battle she’ll remember what it is that makes her strong. She’ll have to do something, because she’ll have multiple adversaries awaiting her whenever she decides to stop napping. Reign will have undoubtedly started terrorizing the streets, Morgan Edge will continue to be a disgusting slop of a human being, and there’ll probably be one or two filler baddies sprinkled in. That all sounds terrible, but maybe if we’re good boys and girls we’ll get to see Lena and Jimmy smooch more!

That’s it for Supergirl for a little over a month. May your holidays be merry, and, as always, if you had thoughts on the episode you know what to do!

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