Trailer For PLEASE STAND BY Shows Us QT’s Not The Only One With A STAR TREK Script

Dakota Fanning is bringing 500 pages of Klingon fan fiction to your doorstep.

You may have heard that Quentin Tarantino is trying to possibly make a Star Trek movie. Yes, I know, we're excited, too. But QT isn't the only motherfucker in this galaxy who wants to take a trip to the final frontier, as director Ben Lewin's Please Stand By is going to prove.

Starring Dakota Fanning, Lewin's movie follows a young girl with autism who leaves her caretaker in order to go cross country and deliver her own personal Star Trek screenplay to Hollywood. Guiding her along the way is the spirit of Mr. Spock, everybody's favorite Vulcan. Yes, this is indeed a real movie, and there's even a trailer to prove it.

Take a look: 

So, it certainly appears to be a touch maudlin and corny, but the premise is outlandish enough that a few here at BMD will more than likely give it a shot. The fact that it co-stars Toni Collette, Patton Oswalt and Alice Eve definitely makes the proposition of a watch even more enticing. 

Magnolia will release Please Stand By on VOD January 26th, 2018. Follow whatever your heart (or Mr. Spock) tells you when the time comes. 

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