Alex Proyas Is Displeased With Your Stupid CROW Remake

This franchise fuckery will not be tolerated by the GODS OF EGYPT director.

Alex Proyas' The Crow is a staple for '90s kids; a hyper-violent Goth fable with one of the greatest soundtrack albums of all time that was overshadowed by the tragic death of its star, Brandon Lee (who was infamously killed in a firearms stunt on set). The sequels, not so much. However, it's an iconic IP, which means it's been up on the remake block for some time now, battling its way against numerous set backs, refusing to die, just like Eric Draven

One person who's not feeling your Crow: Reborn bullshit? Director Alex Proyas (I, Robot), whose original turn behind the lens launched his entire Hollywood career. In an impassioned Facebook note, Proyas expressed why he does not ever want to see another actor slather on Draven's mime makeup again:


I was privileged to know Brandon Lee – he was a young, immensely gifted actor with a great sense of humour and a bright future ahead of him. I was also privileged to have been able to call him a friend. Our working relationship as actor/director went beyond mere collaboration. We crafted a movie together which has touched many people.

I did not take a “film by” credit on The Crow. I wanted it to be Brandon’s movie, because it was, and because he would not be able to make any more movies. He brought all his passion to the movie and it has lasted as his legacy. It is a film I know he would have been proud of.

I finished the film for Brandon – struggling through grief, along with the hugely supportive cast & crew who all loved Brandon, to complete it in his absence. We were imbued with the strength of Brandon’s spirit and his inspiration. Not only Brandon’s wonderful work as an actor and a film-maker, but as a man, who’s humanity had touched us.

The Crow would not be a movie worth “remaking” if it wasn’t for Brandon Lee. If it wasn’t for Brandon you may never have even heard of this poignant little underground comic. It is Brandon’s movie. I believe it is a special case where Hollywood should just let it remain a testament to a man’s immense talent and ultimate sacrifice – and not have others re-write that story or add to it. I know sequels were made, and TV shows, and what have you, but the notion of “rebooting” this story, and the original character – a character Brandon gave life to at too high a cost – seems wrong to me.

Please let this remain Brandon’s film.

While Proyas' stance is definitely heartfelt and respectable, there's also the line of thinking that once a character is played by both Vincent Perez (City of Angels) and Edward Furlong (Wicked Prayer), we're not really dealing with sacred territory anymore. However, The Crow remake is probably a bad idea, and numerous actors - including Bradley Cooper, Luke Evans, Tom Hiddleston and Jack Huston - have already dropped the bird like it's got the flu. So we welcome anyone who's looking to dissent against the franchise's resurrection, even if they made Garage Days