Mark Your Calendars: BLACK MIRROR Returns To Netflix On December 29th

Come for the release date, stay for the episode descriptions and trailers.

This morning, Netflix made it official: the fourth season of Charlie Brooker's consistently-excellent (and, yes, generally bleak) anthology series Black Mirror will hit the streaming service on December 29th, just in time to bum everyone out before the new year arrives. 

The news comes ot us via Variety, who also have plot breakdowns for each new episode. Here they are, along with their corresponding teasers...

Arkangel, directed by Jodie Foster, "follows a single mother and her daughter (Brenna Harding) over the course of several years as the daughter matures. In keeping with Foster’s grounded, indie movie style, this is very much a character study, although the element of near-future technology that is prevalent in all episodes of “Black Mirror” comes into play here, too, involving a new kind of surveillance tool."

Black Museum, directed by Colm McCarthy, is "set at a crime museum that showcases a number of high-tech items. The story follows a young woman (Wright) who visits the museum and learns about a few of the specific attractions, allowing the episode to actually tell multiple, shorter stories within." That multiple-storylines thing makes this one kinda like Black Mirror's White Christmas special from a few years ago. Exciting.

Crocodile, directed by the great John Hillcoat, "is a thriller that follows a woman who fears something from her past will come to light and ruin her life — due to a new device that can access a person’s memories."

Hang The DJ, directed by Tim Van Patten, "follows two characters who live in a world where everyone is paired up using an advanced dating system." This one looks a touch funnier than some of the other episodes we're getting this season. Possibly a San Junipero-style outlier? Haha, just kidding, nothing can or will ever compare to San Junipero.

Metalhead, directed by David Slade, tells "a story about survival in a futuristic, seemingly post-apocalyptic world in which one specific kind of technology threatens humanity." Hm. 

And, finally, USS Callister is this season's big, feature-length finale. Directed by Toby Haynes, we've been given very little in the way of details on this one. Variety's report just says that "much of the story is set in space." I sense an astounding third-act twist coming on!

But wait, there's more - here's this season's first full trailer:

Aaaand that's about it. As previously noted, all six episodes of Black Mirror's fourth season will hit Netflix on December 29th, and we'll be there on day one to check 'em out. While we're waiting: which of the above are you most excited about? USS Callister seems like the obvious choice from this batch of episodes, but I think I'm most hyped for the Hillcoat. Hit me with your picks in the comments below, and stay tuned for more as it becomes available.