DAY OF THE DEAD: BLOODLINE Trailer Needs To Keep Romero’s Name Out Its Mouth

A shameless name-drop kicks off a loud trailer for an opportunistic remake.

George A Romero died earlier this year, and his passing saw a few well-meaning attempts at memorializing him. He got a star on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood, a town that literally did nothing in the way of actually getting Romero's films made. Arrow released a collection of his letter-known '70s films, which was great news for completists. Criterion announced a restored edition of Night of the Living Dead, which is both warranted and welcome. 

And the rights holders of Romero's Day of the Dead made this.

I didn't recognize any of the names in the credit screen except actor Johnathon Schaech's and prodcuer Avi Lerner's; certainly creative grunts are used to having their names reduced to a flash, if incuded at all, on these things. That's the deal.

What's less cool is trumpeting Romero's name across the screen at the start, as if he had anything to do with this shit. They're not trying to fool anyone into thinking he was involved, but loudly piggybacking this onto his legacy is both shameful and shameless, no matter how much you try to homage Bub's makeup from the original.