Duck And Cover: James Mangold’s Next Is GIRL WITH A GUN

The LOGAN director is setting his sights on Patty Hearst next.

(Photo Used Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.)

Patty Hearst is a revolutionary icon - granddaughter of William Randolph Hearst and former heiress, Patty was kidnapped by the left-wing Symbionese Liberation Army in '74, becoming their prisoner for two years. Only Hearst turned the tables and shocked the world when a tape was released saying she'd joined the radicals. From that point forward, she was a counter-culture symbol, and began participating in armed bank robberies. Once she was captured, her trial was one of the most infamous in American history, each revelation more shocking than the last. 

Now, Hearst's story is going to be brought to the screen by director James Mangold (Logan), with Elle Fanning (The Neon Demon) picking up Patty's machine gun. The film - titled Girl With a Gun - will be based on author Jeffrey Toobin's American Heiress, which is being adapted by Larry Karaszewski and Scott Alexander (who previously turned Toobin into The People v. OJ Simpson), with a final polish from Mangold. Basically, we want to see this movie right fucking now. 

One only assumes that the script for Girl With a Gun is incredible, as Mangold could've picked any project he wanted to follow up Logan with (due to its box office currently standing at $616 million worldwide). Hearst's life is one of the wildest in history, and should make for one hell of a motion picture when Fox 2000 unleashes it upon the globe.