LEGENDS OF TOMORROW 3.09 Review “Beebo the God of War”

When you get a bunch of broken pieces and put them together the right way, you make something new.

This post contains spoilers for Legends of Tomorrow.
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If you thought there was going to be a point when Legends of Tomorrow stopped being balls to the wall crazy, you were wrong. And thank god for that. When the Vikings discovered America (well before that creep Columbus), they didn’t stick around. That is, that’s how history was supposed to play out.  Then baby Martin Stein fell from the sky carrying a Beebo doll, which then became the Viking’s new god. Take a second to let that insanity sink in. Vikings decided to hang out in America because a Furby on crack fell from the sky attached to a dude in glasses and a Menorah sweater.

Naturally, Viking’s sticking around is one hell of an anachronism, and the team has to go to work. Unfortunately, the Legends are still dealing with losing Martin (the elder version, at least). They’re a rash bunch when they’re not emotionally compromised, but sending the team out on a mission while they’re all trying to cope with loss wouldn’t typically be the best call. Surprisingly, the Legends are all infinitely more self-aware of their emotional states than one would expect. It’s a pleasant surprise, since “Beebo the God of War” doesn’t leave a lot of time to focus on infighting or rash decisions. Rory’s the exception because of course he is.

Though the first season of Legends of Tomorrow wasn’t great, it did provide us with one of the greatest examples of character growth in DCTV history. Leonard Snart was a cold, calculating thief who murdered his father in cold blood, and that man ended his arc as a hero that’s still missed on the team. His reluctant heroics coupled with Wentworth Miller’s ability to be big yet somehow still reserved also built him up to be one of the best characters in the Arrowverse. We’ve gotten a couple of new iterations of him since his initial death, each different from the last, but this newest persona has the most contrast to the others.

Citizen Cold is a touch-y feel-y love bug. Though it might be because Wentworth Miller is tremendous, I’m finding myself loving him despite my typical aversion to characters like him. He’s the true Lawful Good, and he’s here to help the Legends deal with the loss of their friend. Turns out that in addition to that, he’s trying to get past his own loss too. If you like Legends of Tomorrow for the comedy, you’ll be delighted to know that he’s doing so in the most annoying way possible, and Mick’s going to have a rage stroke before their bonding sessions are over.

Damien and Nora Darhk are both in this episode, but are mostly pointless to the arc. That’s not to say that it wasn’t hilarious to see Neal McDonough rock that ridiculous Odin hair, they just didn’t serve the overall plot. We already knew what lengths Damien would go to protect Nora. In fact, the team’s so used to his shenanigans that they almost called the play by play of their interaction down to the letter before even going in. Meeting with Damien does lead Sara to Mallus, though, so points on the assist.

After trying to snag Damien before he disappeared with his injured daughter, Sara finds herself in another dimension. There’s nothing special about the dimension that we can tell. In fact, it kind of looks like purgatory. Sara hears Mallus speak to her before being ripped back from wherever she was by the currently heroic Ava Sharpe, but his little monologue is mostly a rehash of what we already knew. At this point they just needed to bring him back to the front of viewer’s minds before going away until February of next year.

The main story of this episode ends a little bit early so the team has time to say goodbye to Jax. We’ve been wondering what they would do with him after Victor Garber’s exit for a while now, and the answer turned out to be nothing. The arc they gave to him and young Stein proved to Jax that Martin was comfortable in his choice, but he’s got a lot of things to sort through on his own.

Legends of Tomorrow has always been a show about misfits finding their place. They discuss how a bunch of broken parts can be put together to form something better, which is honestly the best way possible to describe this weird, lovely little show. Said lovely show isn’t back for a few months, so if this is the last we see of you until then, do have a happy holiday! As always, if you have thoughts on the episode, you know what to do.

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