7 DAYS IN ENTEBBE Trailer Takes You All Hostage

This is a hijack situation.

José Padilha is probably best known for directing 2014’s RoboCop remake, a gig that didn't win him too many fans. But his work helming episodes of Netflix's Narcos, along with his action movie Elite Squad: The Enemy Within, proves that Padilha's definitely got some game. 

Now comes 7 Days In Entebbe, Padilha's chronicle of Operation Entebbe, the true story of four 1976 hijackers who took over a flight from Tel Aviv to Paris, and forced it to land in Uganda (also the subject of Irvin Kershner's '77 TV Movie Raid On Entebbe). Their mission: to ensure the release of dozens of Palestinian terrorists. Gregory Burke ('71) wrote the picture, which stars Daniel Brühl, Rosamund Pike, Eddie Marsan, Ben Schnetzer, Lior Ashkenazi, and Denis Ménochet.

Focus released a trailer for the film today, and it looks to be a pretty meticulously detailed period piece procedural. Take a look:

Everything about that trailer is pretty solid, and its got a nice look that's not too ostentatious about the '70s garb. All good signs. 

7 Days in Entebbe will be released March 16, 2018. We're gonna keep our eye on this one.