Ben Affleck Can’t Quit The Batman, Will Appear In FLASHPOINT

But when will Ben Affleck be free of these Bat Shackles?

Batman is the Ennis Del Mar to Ben Affleck's Jack Twist. He just wish he knew how to quit that cape and cowl. 

Buried in today's news regarding DCEU being recalibrated in the wake of Justice League's rather abysmal box office failure, is the fact that Ben Affleck's Batman is going to appear in The Flash stand-alone picture, which is scheduled for 2020 (Flashpoint), even though he's rather adamant that he will not appear in The Batman (because fuck Matt Reeves, I guess). Apparently Jake Gyllenhaal is now the one being courted for that go 'round in Gotham City. 

According to Variety, Affleck is "enthusiastic" to play a part in Flashpoint, which sounds like the superstar playing ball with the studio (or, on the flipside, they've got him by the balls). However, at the end of the day, none of this may mean a damn thing, as 2020 is a long ways off and production isn't even close to commencing. Warner Bros. has quite a bit of money tied up in these films, so they're more than likely going to happen. Who's actually involved is another question entirely. 

Stay tuned, Batfans. None of this shit makes sense, and will probably get even weirder as it goes along.