The Full Trailer For HOWARD’S END Is All About Starz

The BBC is coming to American cable with a classic.

If you’re a British drama nut, chances are you’ve probably already consumed all four episodes of the new Howard's End, which aired this fall on BBC One. Yet some of us don't jump on every adaptation as soon as its released (because just look at that stack of shit you already have set aside to plow through) and are patiently waiting for it to hit Starz this spring. 

Adapted from E.M. Forster‘s novel by Kenneth Lonergan (Manchester By the Sea), and directed by BAFTA winner Hettie Macdonald (Fortitude), the classic tale (which was already made into a stellar Merchant Ivory production) follows two sisters as they search for love and meaning while navigating an ever-changing world.

Here’s the full trailer that was just released by Starz today:

That Hayley Atwell sure slides into Margaret Schlegel's shoes quite easily. This should be a treat for Anglophiles when it hits the States in April 2018.