Trailer For LEAN ON PETE Brings You A Boy And His Horse

Get the Kleenexes ready for Andrew Haigh's latest.

Director Andrew Haigh makes movies that could easily become maudlin, but end up playing all too real. Both Weekend and 45 Years possess really tender centers, while never shying away from the nasty behavior certain human beings (especially when they're in love) are capable of. 

Now comes Lean On Pete - Haigh's adaptation of Willy Vlautin's rather timeless tale of a boy (played by Charlie Plummer) who runs off with his favorite four-legged beast in tow. While this could've been transmuted into an after-school special, Haigh looks to be implementing his usual observational eye for the kid's journey across America.

Take a look at the first trailer A24's released: 

That's some pretty emotional stuff, and the presence of Steve Buscemi, Chloe Sevigny, and Steve Zahn lend it a '90s indie feel. Here's hoping Haigh's crafted another winner (reviews out of TIFF were mixed/positive). 

A24 has not set an official date for Lean On Pete as of yet, but we'll definitely be keeping a look out for it in the near future.