Louis C.K. Buys Back I LOVE YOU, DADDY From The Orchard

Here's hoping he keeps taking "time to listen".

After Louis C.K. was confronted by five women, accusing him of sexual misconduct on November 9th in the New York Times, he admitted to wrong-doing in the same paper the very next day"These stories are true," his statement said, before launching into an apology to the women and anyone else he hurt with his inappropriate behavior. C.K. signed off with this:

"I have spent my long and lucky career talking and saying anything I want. I will now step back and take a long time to listen. Thank you for reading."

Today - in the wake of The Orchard dropping the release for I Love You, Daddy after buying the movie at the Toronto International Film Fest for $5 million - Louis C.K. has purchased the picture back from the young distribution company.  No word on what figure was offered on C.K.'s part for all rights to the movie, but apparently the Orchard will incur zero cost for their buy, plus the marketing campaign they performed on the film's behalf (which included 12,000 Awards screeners - one of which led to this writer seeing the movie). 

There are no details from C.K. regarding what's next - whether he plans to self-distribute the work like he did Horace & Pete, sell it to another buyer, or just sit on the movie. Hopefully, he continues to take his time to listen to these victims, and only purchased I Love You, Daddy out of business necessity (say, due to a contract stipulation, or to avoid paying a higher rate in the future). Either way, I'll continue to hope that the movie doesn't see the light of day, at least for some time. As I said in my own reaction to the film, there's certainly value to be mined from watching it, but not right now. Now is the time for his victims to heal, while C.K. takes a moment to reflect on how he's injured so many individuals in a creative field he's professed to adoring, time and again.