RUMOR CONTROL: Jon Hamm Wants To Be Batman, And He Isn’t Here To Make Friends

Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Jon Hamm.

There's only one man I've ever wanted to see make the jump from TV to playing suave billionaire by day, brooding crimefighter by night. He has the looks, he has the charm, and surprisingly, he even has the comedic timing. But since Joe Manganiello is playing Deathstroke for some stupid reason, I guess we'll have to settle for the guy you really hope you're going to get every time you game the answers to Buzzfeed's "Which Mad Men characrer are you?" quiz. 

According to Radar Online, cousin to National Enquirer and home to such exclusives as Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck’s Big Surprise: A Baby! - Find out the shocking reason why the couple may call off their divorce and Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner Visit The Farmer's Market comes the latest in the Affleck saga, Superhero Hijack! Jon Hamm Stealing Batman Role From Ben Affleck, Source Claims. And folks, it has some truly amazing excerpts:

“Jon’s gunning hard for the role,” a source exclusively revealed to

"Jon knows Ben has faced some criticism over Batman v Superman and Justice League, and frankly thinks he’d be better suited for the job. This is business for Jon — not personal.”

"The writing’s on the wall, and Jon’s desperate for the gig — friend or not.”

 "He doesn’t care whose toes he has to tread on to get there."

I don't know about you, but I'm in love with this catty, reality TV version of Jon Hamm. Of course, Hamm would be a great Batman in Matt Reeves' solo film even if Affleck shows up again in Flashpoint (don't ask, nobody has any idea what's going on at DC), but until this comes from a source a little more legitimate than the people behind Ben Who? Jen Garner Leans On Matthew Broderick Amid Divorce Drama! Angelina Who? Brad Pitt Grows Close To Sexy Irish Actress Ruth Negga and Chris Pratt Who? Chris Evans Caught Sending Steamy Sext Messages To Anna Faris, we're going to have to chalk this one up to clickbait fantasy. 

Flashpoint comes out in [Note to editor: please insert the date for this one], followed by The Batman, which comes out [Note: can't find a date for this either, what's the deal?]. Stay tuned!