The (Very Weird) First Trailer For ALITA: BATTLE ANGEL Is Here

In which Robert Rodriguez and James Cameron make a movie together.

The first trailer for Robert Rodriguez' anime adaptation, Alita: Battle Angel, just landed online. This one's executive produced by James Cameron, has an all-star cast, and will hopefully avoid the various pitfalls that Ghost In The Shell fell face first into earlier this year.

Let's take a look.

Huh. Feels like a bold decision, giving Alita those gigantic anime eyes. I guess that's in keeping with the original design of the character, but somewhat jarring when you notice that, like, none of the other characters have that same look. I'm getting unfortunate flashbacks to that nightmarish CGI baby in Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2

But, hey, on the plus side, this looks to be a cut above some of Rodriguez' other efforts (which, while always made very affordably, often look as though they were made very affordably), and this cast certainly isn't anything to sniff at: Christoph Waltz, Jennifer Connelly, Mahershala Ali? Hell, they've even got Jackie Earle Haley in there. 

If you're confused as to the plot (don't worry: I, too, an unfamiliar with the soure material on this one) The Playlist says Alita: Battle Angel will tell the story of "a female cyborg, who is rescued from a scrapyard, and trained to become a warrior, finding love and adventure along the way." 

What do you folks think? Into this? Not so much? Does it look anything like you expected it to? Sound off in the comments below, and buckle up for many, many more Alita: Battle Angel updates between now and the film's July 20th arrival in theaters.