Jessica Jones Is Back In Her First Season Two Trailer

Still the same old grump.

The real test for whether Marvel TV has lost me for good will be Jessica Jones season two. I bowed out halfway through Luke Cage and jumped back in for a couple episodes of The Punisher before backing out again.

But Jessica Jones is different. The first season of her show was far and away the best of these (that I saw, but it doesn’t sound like I was missing much with Iron Fist and The Defenders). If any new season of Marvel TV has a chance to win me back, it’s this one, and now its first trailer has arrived:

To be honest, this just looks like a bunch of generic Jessica Jones action. She drinks, she acts grumpy, she kicks ass. I don’t have a sense of where this season is headed or, frankly, why I should watch it. Hopefully, we’ll get a more detailed trailer in the future. For now, I’m just not excited yet.

What do you think? Are you pumped to spend another thirteen hours with Jones or have these Netflix shows burnt you out as well?