Sundance Veteran Steven Caple Jr To Direct CREED 2

Fresh talent for a sequel hopefully as fresh as CREED.

The sequel to Creed has a confirmed director, at long last, and as with Creed director Ryan Coogler, the film will probably be your introduction to a new name: Steven Caple Jr.

Like Coogler, Caple is a Sundance veteran, with his feature debut The Land (directed straight out of USC) having premiered in Park City in 2016; he was also recently named one of Forbes' 30 Under 30 in Hollywood & Entertainment. Caple's selection is the result of a lengthy search, reportedly hand-picked by stars and producers Michael B. Jordan and Sylvester Stallone, and everyone involved seems very excited to have him aboard. He'll be directing Jordan, Stallone, and Tessa Thompson, while Coogler is expected to executive-produce once his deal is finalised (probably after he finishes his other little project, Black Panther).

Attentive readers will note that Stallone had previously indicated that he would direct the sequel. It's unclear whether the decision to hire Caple instead is due to recent sexual assault allegations against Stallone (which, for whatever it's worth or not worth, he denies), but we can surely all agree that giving new talent a shot at the majors is a Good Thing. Creed was such a refreshing quasi-reboot of the Rocky series that hiring Stallone as director would have felt like a step backwards, allegations or no. That Caple represents another person of colour directing a major studio film about people of colour makes it all the sweeter.

Creed 2, however it ends up being titled, goes before lenses in March, before hitting cinemas November 21st, 2018. As far as we know, it will involve Rocky IV's Ivan Drago and his probably-large adult son.