GOOSEBUMPS Sequel Scares Up Ari Sandel As Director

R.L. Stine meets THE DUFF.

The first Goosebumps film was a total surprise delight - a kids' movie that was spooky and kooky, bringing R.L. Stine's junior high horror to the big screen as Jack Black (who really does shine in this sort of light family fare) hams it up as the author in question, forced to combat his own weirdo creations. 

The movie became kind of a sleeper hit (to the tune of $150 million), so Sony of course wants to follow it up. To do so, they've hired The Duff director Ari Sandel to step behind the camera.

Or have they? What's weird about this story is Sony apparently has two scripts in development - one featuring Jack Black's Stine, and the other omitting him completely. This is due to an apparent conflict with the actor's schedule, which the sudio is obviously hoping to work around. They're also looking to trim overhead on this go 'round (the original cost $58 million), as a means to maximize profits. 

Either way, hopefully Sandel is allowed to make this movie, as The Duff is one of the more underrated teen pictures of the last few years. This could be a cool little sequel, granted the studio lets them craft it the right way. Sony better hurry up and make a decision, as they've already scheduled Goosebumps Part II to hit theaters September 21, 2018.