Jennifer Lawrence Will Headline BURIAL RITES For Luca Guadagnino

In which the director of CALL ME BY YOUR NAME lines up another project.

Right now, Luca Guadagnino has one of the busiest schedules in Hollywood: the director's Call Me By Your Name is in theaters now and on its way to what we're sure will be a raft of Academy Award nominations, he's got the (rumored to be great) Suspiria remake waiting in the wings, and now - according to Variety - he's lined up yet another project: Burial Rites, starring Jennifer Lawrence. Phew.

Here's how Variety's describing the project:

"The film draws on Hannah Kent’s 2013 novel of the same name, and centers on Agnes Magnusdottir (Lawrence), the last woman to be publicly executed in Iceland in 1830. Agnes was sentenced to death for killing two men and setting fire to their home. The story takes place as Agnes awaits confirmation of her death sentence by the high court, a period of time that finds her reluctantly forging emotional and romantic bonds, while reflecting on her supposed crimes."

OK, so, probably not the feel-good movie of whatever year in which it arrives, but with Guadagnino at the helm and Lawrence in front of the camera, this is certainly one worth paying attention to. We'll keep you informed as further updates roll in.

In the meantime: have you folks caught up with Call Me By Your Name yet? Everyone else on the BMD staff who's seen it has fallen in love, but I haven't quite found time for it yet. Hurry me along in the comments section below.