Yeah, but will Sean Bean die in the first episode?

According to Variety, the good folks at Netflix have snapped up UK-produced drama series The Frankenstein Chronicles, with plans to roll out both of the show's six-episode seasons...and if all goes well, it might even produce more. 

Here's how Variety describes the series, for those who aren't familiar:

The Frankenstein Chronicles is a re-imagining of Mary Shelley’s classic novel. Set in 1830s London, Bean (Game of Thrones) plays John Marlott, a war veteran and river policeman. Season 1 of the serialized show sees him investigating the case of a corpse made up of body parts from different children, and finding the matter involves senior establishment figures and demonic forces."

A policeman investigating a corpse made up of body parts from different children? Yes, that definitely sounds like a reimagining of the source material. Given that this is the first time I'm hearing about the show, that description made me curious to dig up a trailer.

Let's take a look.

OK, yeah, that looks completely insane and awesome and I'm very curious to get a peek at it (did not expect to see a copy of Mary Shelley's novel show up halfway through that trailer). When will it arrive? Variety doesn't mention a release date, but does say that when the time comes, The Frankenstein Chronicles will be branded as a Netflix Original. 

We'll keep our ear to the ground on this one for you. In the meantime: have you already seen The Frankenstein Chronicles? If so, how hyped should we be about it? Sound off in the comments below, and please keep spoilers to a minimum.