New Trailer For ALTERED CARBON Shows Us Death Is Not Forever

Would you be OK living to three hundred or so?

Based on the novel by Richard Morgan, the basic premise for Netflix's new ten-episode series Altered Carbon is fascinating. In the near future, the rich can pay to upload their consciousness into fresh bodies, ensuring they live well beyond the normal human lifespan. But now the wealthy, three-hundred year old Laurens Bancroft (James Purefoy) must pay a former soldier (Joel Kinnaman) to solve the murder of his latest form. Trippy shit. 

The first teaser sold us on the cyberpunk future Altered Carbon takes place in. Now, this second spot reveals a little more of the plot (not to mention the heavily stylized action). Take a look:

To be frank, this thing looks flat out incredible, bringing a really expansive vision to the universe. Hopefully, Altered Carbon lives up to the Blade Runner-esque visuals that're glimpsed here. 

We'll all find out on February 2nd, when the new series hits Netflix. You folks feeling this one as much as we are? Sound off in the comments below.