THE PUNISHER Is Getting A Second Season On Netflix

It's not surprising, but now it's official.

The Marvel Entertainment Twitter handle just made official what everyone already assumed: Netflix's The Punisher series, starring national treasure Jon Bernthal, is officially getting a second season. They even made a little gif thing to go along with the news.


This will surely come as good news to those of you who watched and enjoyed the first season of Netflix's The Punisher. The majority of the BMD staff, on the other hand, either didn't bother starting or has yet to finish this MCU series, which is why you haven't seen any review coverage about it on the site. Maybe one of us will finish The Punisher before its second season arrives and you'll get a sprawling write-up then, but - real talk? Looking unlikely. 

Anyway, no word on new casting or when you should expect The Punisher's second season to arrive, but we'll keep you informed on that front, even if we never get around to writing an official review for season one.