Rejoice: David Wain’s A FUTILE AND STUPID GESTURE Hits Netflix Next Month

The National Lampoon biopic will be here in a matter of weeks.

Remember, all the way back in (checks notes, makes "Holy shit!" face) April of last year, when we learned that David Wain was making a National Lampoon biopic based on Josh Karp's A Futile And Stupid Gesture? And how Joel McHale was gonna play Chevy Chase in it? Or how Jon Daly was onboard to play Bill Murray?

Yeah, well, we didn't remember either, but we're glad to be reminded today. Turns out, Wain's film is finally ready to roll, and - according to the director's Twitter handle - it'll arrive on Netflix on January 26th.

That's just a few weeks away! 

We are unreasonably excited about this film here at Birth.Movies.Death. (most of us are hardcore comedy nerds, and the material being tackled here is going to be very interesting, indeed), and are thrilled to remember that this is a thing that's happening. That it's happening so soon is just the cherry on top.

Now that we've got a release date, a trailer shouldn't be far behind. Stay tuned for more on A Futile And Stupid Gesture as it becomes available, and don't make any plans for the night of January 26th! Phil's gonna have a big viewing party and you're all invited!