STAR TREK: DISCOVERY Taking It Down A Notch With New Episode Titles

But not too far.

I’ve said a lot of negative things about Star Trek: Discovery, so let me finally say something positive: its episode titles were a lot of bizarre fun. I’m not sure they add much to the show overall, but it’s hard not to get excited when sitting down for an episode called “The Butcher’s Knife Cares Not For the Lamb’s Cry”.

The rest of season one won’t start streaming until January 7, but in the meantime, the Discovery crew has been nice enough to share the remaining episodes’ titles. They are:

Episode 10: Despite Yourself

Episode 11: The Wolf Inside

Episode 12: Vaulting Ambition

Episode 13: What’s Past is Prologue

Episode 14: The War Without, The War Within

Episode 15: Will You Take My Hand?

If you hate just reading it without graphics and dramatic music, here you go:

So they’re a slight step down as far as overly serious poetry goes, but they’re still in that ballpark. Of course, they also give us no clue what to expect with these last handful of episodes, but hey, we’re almost there. You’ll be watching [checks video] “Despite Yourself” before you know it.