Fatwa!: CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM Renewed For A Tenth Season

You cannot kill Larry David. Or Buck Dancer, for that matter.

Bald prick Larry David's ninth season of Curb Your Enthusiasm was a mixed bag, but the highs were so high that it's tough to really say anything that bad about it.

I mean, when you have Salman Rushdie teaching Larry the ways of Fatwa sex, ace pitcher Kenny Funkhouser getting fucked to death by a prostitute, Jeff concocting a scheme to bang his realtor in several upscale houses, and Lin-Manuel Miranda adapting David's Ayatollah-starring musical, it's probably unfair to say this season was "middling". 

So, those of us who choose to follow Larry's asshole antics into oblivion will be pleased to know that Curb has been renewed by HBO for a tenth season, with production set to begin next Spring. 

Of course, there are few details on where the hell Larry can even go at this point - not to mention who he'll piss off along the way - but those of us who can't get enough discomfort in our lives will surely be tuning in whenever HBO airs his newest batch of improv'd confrontational raunch.