F*ck You, Jack!: The Safdie Brothers Are Remaking 48 HRS.

Walter Hill gets a makeover from the current kings of NYC Grime.

Though this writer counts Streets of Fire in his Top 10 Movies of All-Time, 48 Hrs. is arguably the quintessential Walter Hill picture. Tough guy cop Jack Cates (Nick Nolte, at his gruffest) teams with wise-cracking con man Reggie Hammond (Eddie Murphy, at his coolest) in order to track down a killer looking for a stack of illicit cash. Hill was the master of the buddy movie, and 48 Hrs. was the one that cemented his formula for the rest of his career. 

Now, current Kings of NYC Grime - the Safdie Bros. (Heaven Knows What) - are going to be giving Hill's action classic a facelift, with a script co-written by comedian Jerrod Carmichael. The movie's set up at Paramount Players, and will be co-produced by Planet of the Apes reboot mastermind Peter Chernin. 

Just like with Good Time, Josh Safdie will handle script duties on top of co-directing with Benny Safdie, with Ronald Bronstein (the consummate silent partner in the Safdies' operation) chipping in on the screenplay. 

This is beyond exciting, as not only does the grimy pulp of Hill's cops and robbers universe totally fit with the Safdies' throwback filmmaking style (who openly claim Hill and Abel Ferrara as direct influences), it's a chance to potentially take the boys out of their native New York and see them explore another city with their live-shooting methods. We're gonna be keeping an eye on this one every step of the way, as it just became this writer's favorite project currently in development.