Hows About Another THE COMMUTER Trailer?

It’s a rhetorical question. You’re getting the trailer either way.

If you ask me, Liam Neeson and Jaume Collet-Serra’s next jam, The Commuter, is already a sold film. The first trailer was mysterious. The second trailer opened things up a bit. I am seeing this fucking movie no matter what, so a third trailer is really just rubbing my nose in it.

Nevertheless, here one comes anyway. To be fair, it might be the best one so far and therefore could have some value for those still on the fence (who could possibly still be on the fence about this future masterpiece?). Check it out:

My previous attempts at predicting the future have not turned out well (but let me try again - The Last Jedi will bomb this weekend!!!!!), so I’ll just say that based solely on plot setup and casting, this really looks like the ultimate Neeson/Collet-Serra film, sort of a more concentrated second attempt at what they accomplished in Non-Stop, Neeson’s second favorite Hamilton song after Helpless.

I’m down no matter what. Hopefully you are too. It’s been too long since I saw Liam Neeson kill fools in a fun PG-13 fashion.