RZA’s Taking Wesley Snipes And Terrence Howard To New Orleans For CUT THROAT CITY

Interesting as that sounds, there’s even more.

Poor RZA got kind of a rough start as a director with The Man with the Iron Fists, a film that looked cool, had a great cast and a fun premise, and yet felt nearly unwatchable.

Now he’s at it again (following up this year’s Love Beats Rhymes) with Cut Throat City, a post-Katrina New Orleans heist film starring Terrence Howard, Wesley Snipes, Eiza González and TI. So, great title: check. Cool subgenre: check. Interesting cast: check. All the dominos are lined back up. Hopefully he can nail it this time.

Cut Throat City is actually filming right now. The premise involves four pals who return home after Hurricane Katrina to find they no longer have a home or chances for employment. So they hit up some local bad guys for work and find themselves robbing a casino. I mean, what more do you want.

We’ll let you know more about the film as details come out of New Orleans, but for now, I’m equally excited and leery about the project.