Jack Black Finds Trouble And A Funny Accent In THE POLKA KING Trailer

This is supposed to be a comedy, right?

The Polka King started off as a Sundance movie, and has now found itself transformed into a Netflix movie, one that comes out in January. It stars Jack Black as a polka musician who steals a lot of money from people in some sort of ponzi scheme and I assume ends with him shooting Shirley MacLaine. Check out the trailer:

I ask above if this is supposed to be a comedy. That wasn’t a facetious question. It looks like a comedy (because Jack Black has funny hair), and it sounds like a comedy (because Jack Black has a funny accent), but nothing here is actually funny. Its status as kind of a crime film muddies the waters as well. I thought I knew what to expect from this, and then the trailer screwed that all up. That’s the opposite of what trailers are supposed to do!

In any case, this is hitting Netflix January 12, and we can all decide what kind of movie it is then. I’m just happy Jenny Slate’s in it.