Joseph Kahn’s JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK Character Designs Will Make You Sad The Movie Doesn’t Exist

The director shares his vision for the DC project that didn't (yet) happen.

Joseph Kahn, the amazing visualist who directed countless music videos, the neo-classic Detention, and your future favorite rap battle epic Bodied, took to Twitter to share his designs for an adaptation of Justice League Dark a few years ago. We saw them, became sad that this movie isn’t happening, and decided we shouldn’t be sad all by ourselves. So here they are, created by the very talented Justin Goby Fields from Ironklad Studios. (Check out the rest of their amazing work here.)

Did we mention Kahn went ahead and cast actors in his renderings? Heads up: that’s the part that will hurt the most. Based on another, unnamed BMD writer saying “I don’t know who most of these characters are,” we’ve including a bit of comic book context for each one.

First up is an easy one: Swamp Thing! You know who Swamp Thing is - Alec Holland, ill-fated scientist whose consciousness was reborn as a plant elemental. While it’s not evident who Kahn imagines under the eventual mo-cap, this is a dynamic, creepy take and we are here for it.

Here’s DC Comics’ Swamp Thing:

Here's Kahn's vision for the character:

He even included an animation test, because that's how he rolls.

Next up is John Constantine, the Hellblazer himself. Though we've had a couple filmed versions thus far of Alan Moore's occult detective, Kahn's version looks to have taken him back to his roots. And gotten Dan Stevens to play him.

Then we have Zatanna, who is, well, a magician. She always seemed like a tough one to bring to live-action without seeming corny or creepy.

Looks like Kahn pulled it off? Or am I just in the bag for casting Natalie Dormer in anything? It's a take, at any rate.

Then there's Deadman, the ghost of a circus daredevil who's lent himself to many different artists' interpretations over the years. 

Nailed it, I'd say:


Lastly there's Jason Blood, the human host of Etrigan the Demon. Blood's been around for centuries (he was once a knight in King Arthur's court), eternally bound to Etrigan. He's been the star of many canceled comic books.

Kahn took a shortcut to make Blood interesting and cast Chiwetel Ejiofor. 

Justice League Dark still threatens to happen as a film from time to time (as of December 10th, WB was still listing it in con presentations), with names like Guillermo del Toro and Doug Liman attached at various points. Maybe Bodied will be so well-received that the studio smartens up and pulls Kahn back into the fold...?