Check Out Alamo Drafthouse’s Hilarious THE LAST JEDI Pre-Show Videos

“Your dad is a moron!”

At this point, I assume most of you have taken the opportunity to see The Last Jedi in theaters. But were you able to see it at an Alamo Drafthouse? If not, you missed out on some hilarious pre-show videos. Per Drafthouse tradition, audiences waiting for a film to begin are entertained by hand-selected and in-house videos thematically linked to the feature presentation. Luckily, we are able to share some of the Last Jedi pre-show videos below.

We’ll start out with an exhaustive and detailed account of what happened in The Force Awakens, for those who could use a refresher before diving into the trilogy’s second chapter:

Next up, we have an entertaining hypothetical in which Yoda is voiced by Gilbert Gottfried because, well, why NOT do that?

If that one felt a little familiar, it’s because it’s a sequel of sorts to this one made two years ago for The Force Awakens:

And finally, we have a new Don’t Talk PSA geared specifically for Star Wars. Enjoy: