Oscar Isaac Will Play Gomez Addams In THE ADDAMS FAMILY

But, wait: there's a catch.

Here's an interesting thing: Oscar Isaac has officially signed on to star as Gomez Addams in MGM's new Addams Family movie. "What an inspired piece of casting!", you're thinking. "Put the dude in a black suit, give him the pencil-thin mustache, and you're good to go."

Well, kind of:

"Oscar Isaac is in negotiations to voice Gomez Addams in MGM’s animated movie The Addams Family, the Tracking Board has learned.

Conrad Vernon (Sausage Party) will direct from a screenplay by Pamela Pettler (Corpse Bride), with revisions by Matt Lieberman. Vernon will also produce alongside Gail Berman of The Jackal Group and Alex Schwartz."

That's right: we're getting Oscar Isaac-as-Gomez Addams in a new Addams Family movie, but it's going to be animated. I'm not sure why you'd bother hiring Addams' doppleganger to play a voice role, but I suppose it's better than no movies featuring Oscar Isaac as Gomez Addams.

The Tracking Board, who broke the story, says that production is currently underway on the film, but that no further roles have been cast at this time. Expect things to start coming together quickly once Isaac's deal is finalized. 

While we're waiting on that: you folks hyped for a new Addams Family movie? Does the film being animated make you more or less excited? And most importantly: are you doing your part and letting everyone know that Addams Family Values is a criminally underrated '90s joint? Sound off in the comments section below.