John Legend To Play The Title Role In JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR LIVE

FOX News is gonna lose their shit.

According to Variety, singer John Legend has signed on to play Jesus H. Christ himself in NBC's live staging of Jesus Christ Superstar, which will hit the network on Easter Sunday. He joins Alice Cooper, who has already been cast as King Herod in the production.

Says Legend:

“I’m thrilled to join the cast of this production of Jesus Christ Superstar Live in Concert. It’s such a powerful, meaningful musical and I’m humbled to be part of this performance. We’ve already formed an incredible team, and, as we finish casting, I’m certain we will put together some of the greatest talents around to do this work justice.”

This news is exciting for a few reasons. For one thing, Legend is an outstanding musician with serious vocal chops and legit screen presence, and he's all but guaranteed to crush it in this role. For another, this bit of casting is sure to drive a certain segment of the population absolutely insane, and we're in favor of just about anything that acts as a thorn in the side to those kind of dipshits. Added bonus: John Legend and Alice Cooper are in a musical together. What a time to be alive, indeed.

Jesus Christ Superstar Live In Concert hits NBC on April 1st. We humbly suggest NBC hire Ryan Gosling to play Judas.