THE ROOM Wide Theatrical Rerelease Is Here To Improve Your Sex Life

We're in 600 theaters, Baby Face.

James Franco's The Disaster Artist has re-ignited everyone's passion for the most basic bitch of "so bad it's good" motion pictures, The Room.

Now, thanks to all the Awards Buzz Franco's film is receiving - side note: how wild would it be if he won an Oscar for doing a (admittedly great) Tommy Wiseau impersonation? - the piece of midnight movie madness will be rereleased into 600 theaters across the country, for one night only. 

Fathom Events will release the film on January 10th. At the screenings, a new trailer for Wiseau and co-star Greg Sestero's latest, Best F(r)iends, will probably prompt the entire audience to throw spoons at the screen (or whatever you people do at these things). 

Tickets for the event can be found here. Maybe afterwards you can go home and watch a Duke Mitchell movie, just to compare and contrast with legit outsider art.